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Moods and Foods

Our attitude towards food, health, healing and nutrition need to be changed by increasing our knowledge about food and food practices. Our minds must open to a new approach of thinking about food. Food is a culinary experience jam-packed with flavours, tastes, sights, sounds and feeling that bring joy for us.  Real healthy food can give us that experience.

However, we live in a fast pace quick fix society that takes health for granted and see the time and effort to prepare food as a waste of time. We forget that we are complete human beings – body, mind and spirit and that each area is influenced by what we eat.

Our thinking effects our choices of food. You mind controls you brain, and your brain controls your body. Negative thinking often leads to negative choices and vice versa and thinking will affect digestion. Eating and thinking are so interrelated and interdependent that every cell of your body (100 trillion) will be affected before, during and after eating.

We are biochemically uniquely different and food, diets and exercise that works for one person may not have the same effect in another person. It is therefore more important to understand the basics of eating and the relationship of our thoughts and the effect on the body than trying to follow fad diets.

Our food system needs drastic transformation – we are abusing the natural resources; the world population is on the increase. On the one end of the scale a billion people are hungry and starving of hunger and over 2 billion are overweight and obese with lifestyle related disease like blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease that is going rampant and people are packing doctor’s rooms.

We are so advanced in technology and food systems however the population is sicker than ever. Why do we have all the knowledge but still make food choices that cause chronic illness?  It is time that we change our thinking about food and the role of food in our health.


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