Nutrition concerns real people: not hypothetical “man”

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Nutrition concerns real people: not hypothetical “man”

We need real, whole food. The problem with most health problems and losing weight is not your body but our understanding of how it operates. We have lost the ability to listen to our bodies and for that matter how genetic make-up is part and parcel of who we are and how it would react to food/nutrition. The consequence thereof is that we try to treat everybody the same irrespective of the fact that our genetic make-ups are different.

In the 1940’s Dr Roger Williams did some research on single cell organisms. if the organism divides the two parts should have the same function, size of structures, detoxification and the alike. However, he found that even the two parts that should be identical, had vast differences in the “identical” parts.

The constant message across research that there is no one way of eating that works perfectly for everyone. We all need protein, carbohydrates, fats and other nutritional building blocks however even when eating “real food,” whole food, we may have variations in how people respond to that food. The one fact that is true across the board is that our intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates are causing health problems for everyone.


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